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Fossil Shell Flour

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Our Latest Product – Fossil Shell Flour

Fossil shell Flour – also known as Diatomaceous Earth (DE) – is the fine powder of crushed algae exoskeletons. Mixed in water or juice, it provides an excellent detox and weight loss cleanse.

What is it?
Diatomaceous Earth originates from diatoms – the fossilised remains of hard shelled algae. Hard shelled algae live in water and are on the bottom rung of the food chain for aquatic life. The fossilised remains are found in sedimentary rock and this is what is crushed to form a cleansing white flour.

How it works?
The fossil shell flour consists of minute cylindrical shapes with very fine edges. These edges, when consumed, gently scrap the lining of our digestive tract achieving a thorough cleanse. The cylindrical shapes absorb toxins and carry these out of the body. The action through the body also massages the digestive tract improving digestive performance.

Why it works?
A buildup of toxins slows the body’s response to environmental stresses and can be a contributing cause of a slow metabolism. Cleanses reinvigorate the digestive system increasing its functionality and improving digestion. Being of minute size and naturally occurring, fossil shell flour is the gentle way to detox and cleanse achieving all the benefits of a detox without fad diets, food restriction or high cost.

Why Fossil Shell Flour?
Found in abundance, fossil shell flour is not only natural and gently effective but extremely low cost. It is the easy, safe and cheap alternative to a detox program and is so gentle it can be continued as an ongoing digestive treatment.

How to?
½ – 1 teaspoon in half a glass of water or juice daily is all that is needed. Stir thoroughly.
Results can be felt after 7 – 28 days.

Organic fossil shell flour is safe for human consumption. If in doubt, or if you have any digestive or bowel conditions, consult your health professional first.
As the flour is ground to an extremely fine level care should be taken not to inhale any powder or allow the powder to become airborne.

• Weight loss from the benefits of a detox program
• Improved colon and digestive tract function through cleansing
• Increased metabolism for a previously sluggish system
• Improved health from increased nutrient absorption
• An overall improvement in health and wellbeing – FEEL BETTER!!

Food grade Fossil Shell Flour sourced from an Australian Private Company is available now from Hypoxi Penrith @ Rejuven8 Body. Only $14.95 for a bag. Pop in to 140 Henry St PENRITH 2750 to start your easy cleanse.

And for more information and research on the various grades and uses of Diatomaceous Earth visit https://www.peststrategies.com/pest-guides/diatomaceous-earth/

Also visit Tipsbulletin https://www.tipsbulletin.com/diatomaceous-earth/


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