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Formostar Far Infrared Wraps

Weight loss – exercise recovery and pain relief – detoxification. Formostar has provided over 5,000,000 treatments worldwide with weight loss, detoxification, pain relief and wellbeing results. Formostar is unique. Far Infrared energy is transferred to the body using non-allergenic silicone wraps. The energy that we feel as heat in the Formostar is the same as we feel from the sun. Formostar uses infrared energy in a controlled manner to therapeutically target specific areas of the body. It provides a fast and effective way of enhancing wellbeing and accelerating weight loss through increased metabolism.

Formostar stimulates the body’s natural metabolic processes using deep penetrating heat to reach areas where fat is normally stored. Its effect is similar to an intensive workout, without the pain or fatigue. Up to 1200 calories can be burnt in one session! The Formostar can also be used as a means of detoxification and pain relief. The heating process releases toxins into the bloodstream and the sweat glands to help clean out the body. And heat is widely recognised as providing relief for pain sufferers. The Formostar has documented success in helping with arthritis, back pain and joint mobility.

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